The Church of Reality
Perfect Justice Project

The Pursuit of Reality Requires Perfect Justice

The pursuit of reality requires the pursuit of a perfect justice system. Over the centuries the laws of the land have stifled many of our great minds. Many great thinkers were persecuted and killed under laws created to serve church dominated governments. The courts prosecuted those who espoused new ideas that threatened conventional religious beliefs. This still goes on today. We've come a long way, but we're not there yet. Many of our laws go against reality, and as a result, oppress free thinking.

Take our drug laws, for example. The most deadly addictive drug on the market that kills more people than all other drugs combined is Nicotine. Alcohol is second. These drugs are legal. However Marijuana, a drugs that is virtually harmless, is illegal. Does this make sense in the context of reality? No! Drug laws and the way we deal with drug addicts have no basis in science whatsoever.

Another example of religious based laws has to do with sexual preferences. What is "natural sex" and what is "perverted or unnatural sex"? Let's look at the reality of sex. Sex has but one biological function, to reproduce. Sex is there to make babies. Therefore, if one were to evaluate sex based on natural function, then any form of sex that does not directly lead to having babies is entertainment. This includes married people using birth control or anyone having sex whom can't get pregnant or is avoiding pregnancy. If you're not making babies it's entertainment and if it's entertainment then who's to say what forms the entertainment should take between consenting adults.

These are but two examples. These battles are fought in the courts and in order to fully appreciate reality, we have to participate in and have access to the justice system. That access must be direct access and not limited by having to be represented by a lawyer. In order to have perfect justice, a judicial system must be designed so as to serve the people and not as a self serving organization to make lawyers rich. Perfect justice must serve the people directly and we in the Church of Reality claim fair and equal access to the courts as our religious right. Any court who fails to provide equal access to justice without having to have a lawyer is infringing on our right to free exercise of religion. A judicial system that discriminates against people who are not represented by lawyers infringes on our right to free exercise of religion.

The justice system in America is the world's biggest organized crime ring where self serving lawyers and judges use the law against the people in order to oppress them and steal from them. The term "justice" is little more than a marketing tool to create a false illusion in the minds of the public that the court system is in any way "just". The Church of Reality requires real justice for real people and we believe, as part of our religious principles, that true knowledge of reality can not occur in an environment where true justice doesn't exist. We contend that the pursuit of reality as it really is and the pursuit of perfect justice can not be separated. The pursuit of reality requires the pursuit of justice.


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