Evolution vs. Creationism

~ The Church of Reality is about Positive Evolution ~

Evolution is central to the Church of Reality

The first principle of the Sacred Principles is the Principle of Positive Evolution. The reality of evolution is central the our core beliefs. Evolution is all around us and is part of everything we do. The Tree of Knowledge is based on evolution, and the human race is evolving through the Tree. The Tree of Knowledge - which represents the sum total of all human understanding - is where human evolution is making the greatest progress. In fact, the exploration of reality the way it really is, is in fact the process of evolution.

What is the difference between humans now and humans 200 years ago? Physically we are genetically almost identical. But we are very different. We now live twice as long as we did then. We can travel to the moon. We communicate instantly over vast distances. We have cars, planes, computers, and cell phones. Our medial technology has eradicated several diseases from the planet and we now take a pill to cure us of diseases that used to be fatal. What is different? We are evolving through the Tree. We know more than we used to know.

The Principle of Positive Evolution is not only about recognizing our progress through evolution, but about taking control of our evolution, making sure that it's positive, even speeding it up. We are committed to evolving in the Sacred Direction - forward - towards a brighter future. Our commitment to making tomorrow better than today is a commitment to supporting our evolutionary progress.

One of the Sacred Missions of the church of Reality to help other religions evolve in the Sacred Direction by challenging them on the basis of what is real. Religions are constantly evolving - sometimes forward - sometimes backwards. When religions turn their back on reality they start down the Path of Destruction and become Extinctionists. And often their destructiveness isn't limited to their own members - so - we as Realist have to bring up reality and help other stay in touch with the real world.

Primitive Religious Beliefs have no place in a Science Class

There are people that believe that the Bible is the word of God and therefore what the Bible says is true. "God said it, I believe it, and that's that!" We live in a country where everyone has the right to believe whatever he or she wants no matter how stupid it is. But that doesn't make it any less stupid. We are starting a new century and it's time we started looking at reality the way it really is.

I am writing this for the children of the State of Kansas so that those of you who surf the web can read about real science rather than be forced to endure your state's bizarre religious views that they insist on calling science. If they throw out the science of evolution because it doesn't agree with the Bible, then they'll have to throw out Astronomy too, because Astronomy doesn't agree with the Bible either.

If we're going to promote mythical based beliefs in schools and allow local school boards to teach Creationism instead of Evolution, then who not allow local school boards to teach Astrology instead of Astronomy? We'll just redefine Science to mean whatever the majority of the local school board believes in. If a local school board thinks the world is flat, then the world is flat. I better not give Kansas any more ideas. I've been to Kansas and you don't have to be there very long before the belief that the world is flat seems plausible.

The Bible is Wrong

The difference between evolution and Creationism is that evolution is real and Creationism is not real. Creationism is based on the Bible that says that God created the world in 6 days about 10,000 years ago. Clearly the world was not created in 6 days about 10,000 years ago so therefore the Bible is just plain wrong. If the world were merely 10,000 years old then how do you explain the dinosaurs that are millions of years old? We've discovered life fossils that date back billions of years. Even the skeletons of modern humans date back before the time of Adam and Eve.

If we were to believe the Bible, then we would have to believe the Earth was created before the stars, which is the wrong order. If the stars were created 10,000 years ago, we wouldn't be able to see starts that were more than 10,000 light years away. That's because if a star were further away than 10,000 light years, the light from that star wouldn't have got here yet. Our galaxy alone is about 100,000 light years across. If the Bible were true, we wouldn't be able to see but 1/10th the way across our own galaxy. We surely wouldn't be able to see other galaxies or galactic clusters or know that the universe is expanding.

Our modern technology has proved the Bible wrong. That means that if there is a God, he didn't write the Bible and the Bible is not his word. If the Bible were the word of God and the Bible is wrong, then God is wrong. And if God can't be wrong, then the Bible, which is wrong, can't be the word of God.

Men who lived thousands of years ago wrote the Bible. The authors had limited knowledge of the nature of the universe and wrote the Bible based on what they believed at the time. They didn't know the Earth was round and that it orbited the Sun, which is a star among billions of stars in the galaxy which is but one galaxy in billions of galaxies that have existed for billions of years. To them, the world was flat. There was up and there was down and God lived in the sky. They didn't know the world was round and there was no such thing as "up". They didn't know that the sky was a thin layer of gas that surrounds the surface of this planet. We have been to the sky and we have been above the sky and God isn't living there.

Evolution is Real

As to evolution, evolution is science. We have the bones of creatures living millions of years ago that are the links between different forms of life. The bone exist that link us humans we our common ancestors that we share with other primates. In fact we have unearthed many civilizations that go back further than 10,000 years and predate Adam and Eve. And these discoveries actually exist and can be measured. We know them to be real.

Evolution is happening right now. Farmers have been using evolution for thousands of years to bread new and better farm animals and crops. The corn we eat today is very different than the corn that was raised by the ancient Egyptians. Today's cattle are very different from cows a few hundred years ago. The difference is that farmers controlled the breading to select the best individuals and to cause them to reproduce instead of the inferior ones. We have taken control of evolution and used it to out benefit.

Do we know everything about evolution? No, we don't. But we know a great deal, and we're learning more every day. As we pursue science and research we are expanding our knowledge of the reality of the universe and the world around us. This is real knowledge about the way that the world actually is. Knowledge that has come from scientific discovery rather than the mythology of past and primitive civilizations.

Why People don't like Evolution

People don't like the idea of evolution because of our fear of death and that we like to think of ourselves as something special. The idea that we "came from monkeys" is as disgusting as sex. If God made man in his image and we are the only life in the universe and we are dominate over all other things and we're going to live forever, that would be a great reality for us. Unfortunately, that's not the way it is.

On the other hand, this planet is but a speck of dust in the universe. We are a small planet rotating around a star that is one of billions of stars in a galaxy that is one of billions of galaxies in a universe that existed for billions of years. The universe is likely teaming with life, some of which is so evolved that they would never visit here because we are too primitive to even be considered interesting, unless we were considered tasty food. We exist as a result of random chance and the only reason we exist is because our parents and their parents before them gave into overwhelming sexual instincts, like the animals have, and we were formed as a chance DNA combination. We exist for no other reason.

Now, which one would you rather believe? It's simple. We would all rather believe that we are special and that God has a special purpose for us and that we are important. But which one is real? The one we would rather believe? Or do we believe what is supported by scientific fact. Sometimes what we want and the way things are not the same. It takes courage to believe in what's real. Those who are afraid of what's real are attached to maintaining the illusion of a creation rather than facing the facts. The reason I'm here is because my father didn't have it together enough to use a condom properly. It's that simple.

The Evolution of Christianity

Christianity itself has evolved over the centuries. In order to survive it has had to change an adapt. Many religions and many branches of Christianity have become extinct over the centuries. In order to survive, Christianity has had to merge with the cultures of other religions. For example, Christmas is not a Christian holiday. Christmas was originally Yule and people cut down and decorated trees long before Christ was born. Easter had nothing to do with Christ rising from the dead. Easter was a pagan fertility ritual where pagans prayed to the Gods for reproduction and food. Hence, the rabbits and the eggs.

The religions of the world are threatened by modern science. We humans have evolved to the point where we know a lot more than we ever did and we now know that a lot of what we believed for centuries is just plain wrong. However, we humans are still herd animals and it is our instinctive nature to continue to believe what the tribe believes rather than what's logical. Our minds have not yet evolved to the point where logic and reason dominates over tribal patterns. (Except for me of course. That's why I'm writing this.) But because of technology, and especially computers, the day is coming where the rest of humanity can move up to my level and beyond. (Sorry, it's not ego, it's my warped sense of humor. In your heart you know I'm right though.)

As religion evolves people will turn from mythology to reality. As humans become smarter, people will want to understand the real world the way it really is. The 21st century will be the century of the global mind and the Church of Reality will evolve into the dominate religion on the planet. And I will go down in history as the Dalai Lama of nerds.


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