The Jews are not the Chosen People

A Frank Discussion on Jewish Arrogance

Jews think they are something special ...

For the record - I was raised Jewish - sort of. My parents are Jewish - sort of - in name only. Much like the followers of any other religion of people who identify with a religion because of ancestry rather than actually believing and practicing something. I remember back when I was 5 years old being forced to study the old testament and thinking - no way in hell does this make sense. Having said that - Judaism is perhaps one of the least stupid of the stupid religions in that they aren't out beating on your door like the Christians do wanting to know if you know Moses. But come on! Judaism is based on ancient bullshit and it's time to give it up and move on.

Judaism is a stagnant religion that is stuck in the past.

Judaism is one of the world's oldest religions. The oldest one in terms of religions who created a knowledge tree that still exists today. There are other religions that are older - but forgotten - because they failed to create a knowledge tree. Judaism is the predecessor to Christianity who took a bad idea and made it worse.

Judaism is a prime example of what happens when you fail to admit that you're beliefs are just plain wrong. In it's day, 5000 years ago, Judaism represented state of the art thinking. They had the most advanced Tree of Knowledge on the planet. It represented the best of human understanding at that time. The problem is - their ego got in the way. God had chosen them - the Bible was the holy word of God - who can never be wrong. Their knowledge tree became frozen and as time progressed - it's real apparent that these beliefs are ridiculous in the context of current scientific thinking. But the Jews and their derivative religions stick with it because if they start changing things - then they have to admit that Jews are just people like everyone else and that there's nothing special about being a Jew. But they are too arrogant to face reality - and they remain frozen in time.

Stupid things Jews believe in ......

Jews believe that world was created in 6 days - with God resting on the 7th day. This occurred about 7000 years ago. Well - wrong! We now know that the universe is about 15 billion years old. But the Jews still believe it anyhow. Now - many Jews will admit that this is probably wrong. In fact - probably most of them. So then - why the obsession with the Sabbath and all the stupid rituals associated with it. Isn't it time to pull that one from the Ten Commandments? Well - can't do that because God gave Moses those commandments .... except that never happened either. Noah and the Ark - never happened. Tower of Babel ... never happened. It's all just stories and none of it ever occurred. It just isn't real.

The Jewish god is modeled after the early oppressive kings. In those times kings had absolute power and if they got in a bad mood - they might have thousands slaughtered. Since God is the supreme king - then he would be the ultimate oppressor. The God of the Bible fits this model. He's a tyrant who loses his temper and slaughters a lot of people when he gets pissed off. And he gets pissed off because he's not worshiped the right way. Think about it - God needs animal sacrifices? The being that created all the universe - all the galaxies - needs people to sacrifice animals to it? hmmmmm ... do you buy that? The God of the Jews is nothing more than a petty tyrant modeled after their petty tyrant kings - and that's according to THEIR beliefs!

So - if the Bible isn't real - then God didn't pick the Jews as the "Chosen People" and Jews are just ordinary people - just like all the rest of us. If you give up the Old Testament - then you have no basis for claiming that God gave you property in the Middle East. It takes away your justification for slaughtering Muslims because it puts you on the same level as they are. Jews of course believe that they are superior to Muslims and are therefore justified in taking their land.

Just as Muslims believe they are God's chosen people and they are justified in slaughtering Jews and taking they land. But the reality is - Muslims and Jews are both pigs and maybe if they spend a few more hundred years slaughtering each other, they might learn that it makes more sense to get along and build on reality and work together to lift each other up. Or - at least there will be less of them to contaminate the knowledge pool of humanity.

God never gave any land to any group of people. Those who slaughter others in the name of God are religious terrorists, nothing more.

The God of the Jews is week and stupid. If God were judged by today's standards - he would be criminally insane and we would execute him as a mass murdered. After all - according to the Bible - God slaughtered all the first born males of Egypt! God mass murders children! What kind of a supreme being is that? Of course - that nothing compared to the Great Flood where God supposedly slaughtered almost everything on the planet. This is a guy who has serious problems. And - God is male - because - well - I guess because God has a penis. What God does with his penis is still a mystery - but we know he has one - otherwise - he wouldn't be a he.

Jews and Terrorism

The Jews in Israel are both the victims and perpetrators of terrorism. Both sides believe God is on their side in spite of the fact that God has failed to take a public stand on his preferences as to you gets the property. In fact - God doesn't get involved in anything and if he (the god with a penis) exists, he doesn't care enough to get involved. This lack of involvement is interpreted as meaning that God is somewhat impotent and needs us puny little earthlings to act in his behalf. How the hell did God ever get along without us?

You would think that after World War II and the mass slaughter of Jews by the Nazis that the Jews would finally get it - but whoosh - right over their heads! Let me spell it out - Hey Jews! It's not OK to slaughter other people! If you think it's wrong to be persecuted - then it's it wrong to persecute others? Figure it out! You are not the chosen people - and it is not OK to commit terrorist acts against non-jews. You're no better than the fucking Arabs! If Jews are so fucking smart - then why are you stuck in the past?

As far as Jerusalem goes - these nothing holy about any place on earth. In fact this whole planet is just a speck of dust in the universe and it is more likely than not that we don't even rate as significant in the big picture. You want to do something holy? You want to do something to impress God - then learn how to live in peace with your neighbors! And the first step in doing that is to admit that you are NOT the chosen people!

I can understand where Jews are angry over terrorist acts committed against them. But I have looked at what is going on in the middle east and even though I am biased in favor of the Jews - it's pretty clear to me that there is an attitude of systematic ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians and this is not only wrong - but it makes me ashamed to have ever identified myself as a Jew. The way I see it - if the Jews are the smarter party - and certainly the more powerful party - then they have the responsibility to take the initiative and forge a peace.

The knowledge tree of the Jews is frozen in time and is static. Judaism looks only backwards and there is no model for advancement of the Jewish knowledge tree - and because of that - Judaism is doomed to extinction. Judaism can be compared to a carefully preserved dead plant that slowly rots away over thousands of years. Jews like to consider themselves knowledgeable and wise and able to tackle deep philosophical questions. I therefore pose this question to all wise Jews everywhere. If you believe in something and it turns out that what you believe in is wrong - doesn't it make sense to abandon what is wrong - admit your mistake - and move on to what is right? How wise is a man who clings to false knowledge? Who among the Jews will stand up and defy the death of the Jewish Tree of Knowledge and create a new model for the advancement of wisdom? How can you claim to be the chosen people when your Tree of Knowledge is dead and your vision of the future is looking into the past? Think about it next Sabbath when you honor a commandment that has no basis in reality whatsoever.

Why am I picking on the Jews?

Partly because I pick on everyone. Partly because I'm somewhat ashamed of what Israel is doing and somehow I think that Jews should be above that. You see - the problem with being God's chosen people is that ass holes like me pop up and hold you to a higher standard. If you're God's chosen people - then why can't you make peace with your neighbors? Huh? You guys are making God look really bad here!

It would be more enlightened of me if I were more respectful of other religions and their beliefs. I should treat them with more honor and dignity and act in a more enlightened manner. After all, I am the founder of the Church of Reality - the religion that might eventually become the dominant religion on this planet. Shouldn't I set a better example?

The short answer is - hell no. I am not an enlightened individual. I'm just a fucking ass hole. It's a disability - and I live with it. It's who I really am. I believe in evolution because I'm just the third generation in my family to walk upright. Sometimes I just want to go back to the trees! Being an ass hole keeps me humble and dispels any illusions others might have that I am something special. It also relieves me of the responsibilities of being held to a higher standard. I don't have the burdens of being God's chosen people. I'm just a genius with a bad attitude.

Besides - Why shouldn't I look down my nose at all these other stupid religions? They all look down their noses at me! I want to indulge in a little self-righteousness too! A little moral masturbation never hurt anyone. What makes me SUPERIOR is that I'm more HUMBLE than they are - and proud of it!


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