Smoking Marijuana is a Holy Sacrament in the Church of Reality

The Church of Reality is a Marijuana Inspired Vision

Pot is considered a dangerous and illegal drug in most countries, however, the reality is that pot is nearly harmless --- especially when you compare it to dangerous legal drugs like tobacco and alcohol. And smoking marijuana has beneficial effects in that it enhances certain mental abilities that allows the pot smoker to come up with new and interesting ideas that are practical in the real world. Pot can make you smarter as long as you use it correctly and don't abuse it. Many of my best ideas have come from smoking pot -- and one of those ideas was the idea of starting the Church of Reality. The Church of Reality is a marijuana inspired idea and if not for smoking pot --- this church wouldn't exist.

First of all --- this site and this web page is not a pro drug use site. There are a lot of dangerous drugs out there that are very destructive and should be avoided. There are also a lot of drugs that are harmful if not used correctly and used to excess. Anyone who is considering doing a drug should first become familiar with the facts about the drug first and use it with caution. I have written web pages on the subjects of marijuana and tobacco.

Having said that --- the use of some drugs --- when used correctly --- can enhance your mental abilities and allow you to come up with imaginative "outside the box" solutions to common problems. The drugs that have benefited me by opening up my mind are Marijuana and LSD. If not for those two drugs --- you would not be reading this web site. This idea of the Church of Reality was an idea that I came up with while stoned. I therefore give credit where credit is due. Since Pot caused the idea to occur --- and the very existence of the Church of Reality is a result of smoking pot --- I therefore declare Pot as a Holy Sacrament.

Asserting a Constitutional Right

As the founder of the Church of Reality I declare that I and all of my members have a Constitutional right to smoke pot. This is based not only on the historical event of having formed the church while stoned --- but that smoking pot is essential for coming up with new ideas and further advancing our knowledge of reality and seeing reality the way it truly is. Thus smoking pot is necessary for the practice of our religion itself.

Marijuana -- when used properly -- can significantly enhance your ability to see reality the way it really is. Smoking Pot can improve your ability to think clearly.

An individual in this world is not capable of understanding everything or analyzing everything most of what we know it based upon the trust in information and knowledge held by others. Much of that information is inaccurate and has to be reexamined so that we can determine what is and isn't true and to serve society in general by helping to eliminate mythology from the social narrative and replace it with fact. That is one of our purposes in society and why this church exists. Marijuana is a powerful tool that allows the user to bypass the "herd instinct" and to look at the social narrative from an altered perspective to test it for flaws. Marijuana is not (just) a form of entertainment --- it is a scientific tool. It allow us to use our minds more effectively. We in this church claim a right of access to these kinds of tools.

Does Membership in the Church of Reality Exclude Me from Marijuana Laws?

In a word - NO! Unfortunately. I have done some research on this subject and if you are caught using Pot you can not successfully use membership in this church to win your case. It's not that you don't have a right to use pot, but that the government acting in it's own self interest has taken that right away from you. And since they have more guns than you have --- they have the power to impose their insanity upon the masses.

We in America live in a country where the common man on the street has a better understanding of constitutional law than our Supreme Court. Take for example their recent decision to allow the police to arrest people on charges that carry no jail term. They decided that you can be arrested for not wearing a seat belt even though the crime is punishable by fine only. This allows the cops to throw anyone in jail for any reason they want. You could be arrested for jaywalking! is it Constitutional just because the Supreme Court says it is? NO - it is not.

If anyone asks if you smoke pot -- just say no.

The reality is -- the Supreme Court can break the law and undermine the Constitution and get away with it. They are a branch of the government and often acts in it's own self interest rather than in the interest of the government and the money that is behind those interests. They have the power --- and they have more guns --- but that doesn't make their decisions either right or constitutional. There is a difference between being right and having power.

There are a lot of selfish interests behind the prohibition of marijuana and other drugs. Drug addiction is a medical problem -- not a criminal problem. But the war on drugs has become a tool of the government to expand government control over the masses. The drug war brought us civil forfeiture laws and has led to America having the highest prison population in the world. Free thinking people are a threat to the institutions that oppress us and want to control us. Without the justification of the "War on Drugs" the government wouldn't have the excuses to try to read our email because they are looking for "Drug Dealers". But there really is no "War on Drugs" --- just a war on freedom --- using drugs as an excuse.

It is my hope that some day when Reality is more universally accepted that we will eliminate many stupid laws such us the prohibition on harmless substances such are pot. And the first step in that process is to continue to recognize and assert reality --- and demand that laws be passed based upon the principles of recognizing what it real.


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