The Church of Reality
List of Saints

People who have achieved sainthood in the Church of Reality

To become a saint in the Church of Reality you have to put yourself in a position of grave personal risk in order to promote an idea that is real in the face of a public who refuses to face reality. People who do this are heroes and are the visionaries that move humanity forward against the tide of fear and religious mythology. These people deserve an honored place in the memory of human history and I therefore am going to declare them as saints.

Sainthood in this church is based more on advancing the cause of reality rather the just doing good things. Thus a saint in this church might be someone who contributed significantly to science or protecting rights necessary to the pursuit of Reality rather than those who are without sins. People who have done great things deserve to be recognized, but there are plenty of other churches to recognize other achievements.

Saint Kevorkian

Dr. Jack Kevorkian is a true saint. Kevorkian has been the primary advocate of doctor assisted suicide and euthanasia to allow people who are terminally ill to avoid a horrible torturous death by providing life termination services to people who want to die with dignity in a manner and time of their own choosing. Kevorkian believes that humans should be given the same high quality care we give our pets when we put them out of their misery as they are dying. When we do it to animals it is considered the "humane" thing to do, to end suffering, and we do it out of compassion and love for the poor beast. We should have the same love and compassion for humans.

Opposition to Kevorkian comes from a society who fears death and is afraid to face the Reality of Death. We all die, therefore death is a part of every life. But as a society we are afraid of death and therefore are afraid of the Reality surrounding death. Fear of Reality is one of the most common barriers to seeing Reality the way it really is. When a person or a society is afraid of Reality, they will fail to see it. We can only see Reality the way it really is through courage. And it takes even more courage when the price of standing up for Reality is facing a murder charge and losing your freedom.

On Sunday, November 22nd 1998, Dr. Jack Kevorkian appeared on the TV show "60 Minutes" and aired a video tape of himself helping a patient die who was in the final stages of ALS. ALS is a disease with no cure where the person slowly suffocates by choking to death on their own spit. By showing the world this tape Dr. Kevorkian is forcing the issue of Reality on a public who is unwilling to face death and dying. He did this with the expectation that he would be charged with murder. Because of his extraordinary personal sacrifice in the name of bringing Reality into the real world in the face of adversity, Dr. Kevorkian has earned his rightful place as a saint in the Church of Reality.

Saint Flynt

Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler Magazine is a true hero and a saint. Larry Flynt has always stood up for free speech and free expression, often to the point of landing him in jail. Larry always has and still is being pursued by forces who would take away our liberties and freedoms. As depicted in the movie, "The People vs. Larry Flynt", Larry took the case of free speech to the United States Supreme Court and won his case against the Reverend Jerry Falwell who sued him over Hustler's fake ad indicating that Falwell had sex with his mother. If not for Larry Flynt's victory, the Church of Reality wouldn't be able to publish the truth on the web like we do today.

Recently, Larry Flynt has exposed the sexual trysts of famous "big fish" Republicans who pride themselves on being morally superior based on their mating habits. Larry has, at great personal expense, and out of a sense of civic duty, shown what hypocrites these holier than thou Republicans are. Larry has exposed the hypocrisy about putting the President, or anyone else for that matter, on trial for lying about getting a blow job in a society who is afraid to face the fact that if not for sex, we wouldn't be here.

Larry has throughout his life strived to expose reality for what it really is. And at great personal sacrifice has defended our rights to speak freely, especially about issues that society doesn't have the courage to face. His battle has resulted in his bring shot by those who would silence the truth, and now he's in a wheelchair. Nonetheless, in spite of being shot, Larry Flynt continues to fight the good fight to look at reality the way it really is, and therefore has achieved sainthood in the Church of Reality.


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